What to Expect

Ecclesia is an ancient Greek word meaning "an assembly of people called to a specific purpose." Eventually, it was used to refer to the early followers of Jesus. Today, English Bibles translate the word as “church,” but the church was not a building or even a meeting; Ecclesia is the people of God participating in the mission of God to redeem and renew all Creation through Jesus Christ.

When we gather we are not “going to church” rather, we are the church coming together to honor Jesus as King and celebrate how His Kingdom is breaking forth into this present reality. While many new people first connect with Ecclesia during a Sunday gathering, our desire is to see you discover your own personal calling; the ways in which God wants you to embody the life and mission of Jesus in your everyday life—all seven days of the week. You won’t find spotlights or fog machines during our weekly large group gatherings, but you will find authentic expressions of faith, community and mission that we hope will propel you into deeper worship of God.