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Current Teaching Series—Into the Unknown


Into the Unknown
Faith is the fuel that propels us along the journey between now and later. This spring we examine the lives of Abraham and Sarah as well as their offspring found in Genesis 12-36. Each generation wrestled with trusting and obeying the future promises of God amidst the present challenges of life. This family reminds us of the failures, doubts and fears that accompany faith as well as the power, rewards, and confidence of fully trusting God. As our faith grows, may we too become a blessing through which God can bless the world.

Recent Teaching Series—The Forgotten Discipline


The Forgotten Discipline—Reclaiming Sabbath Rest in a Nonstop World
We live in a culture that wears perpetual busyness as a badge of honor, but the Kingdom values Rest, Contentment, Renewal, Freedom, Grace and Anticipation. This Easter season we examined the lost discipline of Sabbath rest and its implications for our lives.

Recent Teaching Series—The Art of Prayer

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The Art of Prayer: Crafting a More Expressive Prayer Life through the Psalms
Long before Vincent Van Gogh portrayed the beauty of a starry night sky or rolling fields of gold, he honed his craft with meticulous sketches of life’s most basic forms, like the human hand. He disciplined himself as a student in the fundamentals of art until he was able to incorporate them all into his transcendent masterpieces.

We began 2019 studying the six foundational forms of prayer in The Book of Psalms in order to develop a richer and fuller prayer life. Like an artist first experimenting with Shape, Line, Color, and Texture, we will explore the elements of Adoration, Lament, Confession, Supplication, Intercession, and Thanksgiving in order to craft more expressive prayers and connect deeper with our Creator.