Micro Grants for Missional Collaborations

To help catalyze Missional Collaborations, Ecclesia has established a Micro Grant program. Individuals or small teams from among the Ecclesia family can apply for up to $500 of funding to assist in pioneering new missional initiatives in their neighborhood or amongst a pocket of people in Los Angeles. The projects must be consistent with Ecclesia’s values and mission and serve the purpose of building disciple-making relationships and embodying the values of the Kingdom of God. The project should bless a community of people and not simply meet the needs of an individual.

The Micro-Grants are designed to support innovation and encourage groups with limited resources. The funds might help buy products or materials, rent space for a gathering, or create promotional materials for a project, but they are not to be used to compensate leaders for their time. Ideally the funds will be distributed directly to a vendor or as reimbursements of expenses.

Some examples of projects that would align with Ecclesia‘s mission are:

  • Keeping a local neighborhood’s parks clean, safe, and exhibiting God’s beauty.

  • Bringing new businesses and employment into under-resourced neighborhoods.

  • Community development through cultivating active participation and contribution amongst local members of a community to promote its flourishing.

  • Sustainable urban farming that provides food to local families.

  • Creating a community garden that unites residents of a local neighborhood.

  • Pioneering a program to provide safe rides home from local bars.

  • Developing businesses that promote and sell fair and ethical fashion.

  • Establishing a tutoring program for GED, literacy classes, or ESL classes.

We would not fund:

  • Events that are exclusively intended to gather or support those who are already followers of Jesus.

  • Fundraisers for, or ongoing organizational support of, 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.

  • Production costs for art such as films, studio music, or publishing.

  • Personal salaries or expense funds of individuals. 

  • Campaigns for political candidates.

Grant Amount: Up to $500