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‘Walk of Faith’ tour tells tale of Hollywood’s Christian beginnings

“This church is a survivor,” she tells the dozen or so people taking her Walk of Faith tour in a neighborhood better known for its movie-star-spangled Walk of Fame. “I will show you a lot of churches but very few” — First Baptist among them — “have been able to remain in their original locations.”

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‘Bridge’ Housing for Hollywood
Homeless under Construction

Homelessness is at crisis levels, increasing by 23% between 2016 and 2017. The City of Los Angeles has been working very hard to identify locations to establish temporary crisis and bridge housing options via Mayor Garcetti's "A Bridge Home" initiative. 

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Long-stalled Target Shopping Center in Hollywood Can Proceed

For four years, the half-completed hulk of a Target store has loomed over Sunset Boulevard, a project halted by litigation brought by neighborhood groups opposed to the building’s height.

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