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A Winter Refuge


For eight years now, Ecclesia has partnered with other local churches and organizations to host the Winter Refuge, a much-needed shelter for Hollywood’s most vulnerable individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. The Refuge works closely with the LA Department of Mental Health and the LA Homeless Services Agency (LAHSA). Case workers visit the Refuge to connect with the guests, in the hopes of helping them get off the streets.

Every year, as a result of the effectiveness of the Refuge, over 80% of the Refuge residents get access to vital services including housing.

The shelter is hosted at Hollywood Presbyterian Church. Together we get to provide a sacred space for physical and spiritual well-being. Guests are personally invited or come through referral. They are welcome to stay for the three months that the shelter is in operation.

During their stay, guests are provided with a warm and safe place to sleep overnight, two meals a day, opportunities to build relationships, and access to services and care that can lead to permanent housing and vital health services. The volunteers and staff intentionally get to know each guest in the hope of showing them the love of Jesus and connecting them to a community of loving support.

Breakfast and dinner is served every day from January through March. This year, 86 Ecclesians served at the Winter Refuge.