Tirzah International is a global network of change agents helping women to build beautiful lives, families, and communities in the face of injustice. In Kenya, Ecclesia and Tirzah partner with an on-the-ground ministry called Homecare, to support 30 HIV+ women who live in the infamous Kibera slum. Many of them are widows who have experienced trauma as a result of their husbands’ families taking their home and belongings after the passing of their husband. The meaning of the word “fadhili” in Swahili is “Aid, favor, compassion, kindness”.  This group of women call themselves “Fadhili Women”. Through Homecare, these women receive training in business and life skills which equip them to sustain their families and keep their children in school. They receive weekly discipleship training, are taught how to make nutritious meals, are provided with monthly rent and food assistance, and have access to seed capital to start and run their own businesses. Ecclesia also funds health insurance for each woman and up to four dependent children.